"I walked in the mountains."

Translation:J'ai marché dans les montagnes.

July 1, 2020

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J'ai marché à la montagne they say it's corret.


In another exercise it seems to me that it was mercilessly drummed into us that "dans les montagnes" was incorrect usage, and that we had to use "dans la montagne", regardless of the number of mountains. Yikes! Can anyone explain?


The French often use 'la montagne' to mean a range of mountains. Sitesurf explains in this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35840266/We-won-t-get-lost-in-the-mountains 'La montagne" is often used a kind of mass noun refering to "chain of mountains" in such situations as "je vais en vacances à la montagne", "la montagne peut être dangereuse", "on peut se perdre en montagne"...

Yet, "les montagnes" is commonly used as well.' So it remains unclear as to why Duolingo seems to be inconsistent in accepting one or the other in different exercises. Best I can come up with at the moment....

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