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  5. "Museo on taas kiinni."

"Museo on taas kiinni."

Translation:The museum is closed again.

July 1, 2020



Shouldn't it accept "The museum is again closed"?


Nope. Time adverbials have a strong tendency to go to the end of the sentence in English. I'd say it's a must in this particular instance.


@IanWitham1 has it right: It's not the most common way of saying it, but "The museum is again closed" is perfectly correct. Say it with an air of frustration, as if you've tried to catch the museum open several times now, and you'll see that it works.


But aren't we here to learn Finnish? Why does the English have to be perfect?


It doesn't have to be perfect since typos are usually accepted. Since it is a Finnish course for English speakers, I don't see the harm in making sure there are no issues in either language. More people than you might think are actually trying to learn the source language rather than the target language, or both of them at the same time. I, for example, can't really learn any more English on duolingo, but I've been taking the English for German speakers course anyway because I've already gone through the German for English speakers tree more than once.


If you wrote, "The museum is again closed," your teacher might mark it as correct and write at the side of the page that "The museum is closed again" is the more usual word order, but our answers are marked by a computer and computers are stupid.


Computers are as smart as people who designed them... the same is about software. And you have a good point with these teacher's side notes. It would be more humane approach. I wonder if anyone from doulingo will implement this feature :)


Does "taas" mean "again?


"The museum is shut again" not accepted. Shut is synonymous with closed (at least in British English) ... and Google Translate agrees that "The museum is shut again" = "Museo on taas kiinni". Reported 11 Oct 2021.

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