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  5. "Au! Tuhma koira!"

"Au! Tuhma koira!"

Translation:Ouch! Bad dog!

July 1, 2020



Is "tuhma" both? Bad and naughty?


It can be both, it depends a lot of the context and here it's stated that the dog is behaving badly.


In this context, yes. But not for "bad" in the meanings of evil/malicious, or food that has gone bad, for example. I would say the literal meaning of tuhma is "naughty", but in the context of talking to dogs, both naughty and bad are used in English, so that's why.


or you could try -paha- ?


Paha is for food that tastes bad, or for animals/people it means "evil", not just "bad" as in naughty dogs. E.g. the Disney character Maleficent is called Pahatar, literally "Evil-ess" (-tar in Finnish being a female-denoting suffix similar to -ess in waiter-waitress etc.).

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