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  5. "Sinulla on yksi pieni koira."

"Sinulla on yksi pieni koira."

Translation:You have one small dog.

July 2, 2020



Is "one" here just counting the number of dogs or is it also adding emphasis as in English?


It just counts the number. The kind of "one" that adds emphasis is a bit tricky to translate into Finnish. It could perhaps be something like "onpas sinulla pieni koira". The -pas suffix for the verb and others like it add a certain flavour to the utterance, and are similar to the modal particles from German.


I typed one tiny dog and it didn't accept my answer


Why is "a dog" not accepted?


Because that would be different: "sinulla on pieni koira"


@itaccati yup. Good question.

As with cameronvillers, it is a quite unusual usage in English to state the number if only one is involved - unless for emphasis (.. it is really small dog!). So as you say'a small dog' should be accepted.

DL could clear this up by saying 'two small dogs' or anything other than one!

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