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"Argentinians often have soccer as a hobby."

Translation:Argentiinalaiset harrastavat usein jalkapalloa.

July 2, 2020



"harrastavat usein", "usein harrastavat" same thing, should be accepted.


"Argentiinalaiset usein harrastavat" sounds awkward to me (native speaker). I did a quick search on google with more common verbs and "verb + usein" generated about 10x the results compared to the alternative.

If the sentence was something like "He pelaavat jalkapalloa, jota argentiinalaiset usein harrastavat", the word order would be natural.


I agree with you, "harrastavat usein" sounds much better. But both should be accepted.


Voiko oikeasti "harrastaa usein". "Harrastan" tai "en harrasta". Kävisikö ehkä: "Useat Argeninalaiset harrastavat jalkapalloa." ?


Nope, that's a whole different thing. The usein here is about the frequency among the population. Useat argentiinalaiset (note the spelling) just means several Argentinians.

[deactivated user]

    You aslo wouldn't say they have football as a hobby, its far more common to say they play football as a hobby. After all the Finnish is not to have a hobby it's to "practice" a hobby


    In Finland we also call soccer as 'fudis'.


    and 'futis'.

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