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"Finns often have ice hockey as a hobby."

Translation:Suomalaiset harrastavat usein jääkiekkoa.

July 2, 2020



"harrastavat usein" ja "usein harrastavat". Same thing.


Not exactly. I think that "usein harrastavat" is better if you want to say that finns often have ice hockey as a hobby. "Harrastavat usein" indicates that they often go and play ice hockey (as a hobby).


Does the position of "usein" matter that much? I had "Suomalaiset harrastavat jääkiekkoa usein" and I honestly don't know if it was correct and should have been accepted or if it's really wrong.


Suomalaiset usein harrastavat jääkiekkoa ............. should be considered as well

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