"Ce match était vraiment le pire de ma carrière."

Translation:This game was really the worst one of my career.

July 2, 2020

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Does anyone know why you wouldn't use a été?

Wouldn't the imparfait require additional context such as:

Ce match était vraiment le pire de ma carrière jusqu'à ...


"This game was really the worst of my career" -- not accepted as a translation. Anyone know why? Means the same thing in English as the given translation. Would that construction requre starting the sentence in French with "Ce match-là" or something?


Why isn't "This really was the worst game of my career " not also right?


Because it's not the same construction at all.


When referring something in the past it would be more usual to use "That" game. Also "one" is superfluous in English, but it's not wrong.

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