"En Italie, le café est généralement très amer."

Translation:In Italy, coffee is generally very bitter.

July 2, 2020

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This is a slander on espresso. Only bad espresso is bitter!


So true! The espresso I had on the train from Florence to Venice was wonderful!


I'm so relieved that I didn't need to come in here to defend good coffee and espresso. It is indeed how it is made. I make coffee that is so strong that it could almost raise the dead~ but it is Never bitter. This sounds like a touch of French jealousy over Italian coffee. (Humour) :-)


J'adore le café italien.


Je n'ai jamais bu un café mauvais ou amer en Italie. Le café en Italie était toujours excellent


And North Italian coffee is even better. It's not over-roasted, and drinks very strong, but smooth


Je pense que c'est l'équivalent d'un pot français appelant une bouilloire italienne noire.


C'est un mensonge. Le cafe italien est fort mais jamais amer.


I dont understand why the definite article is sometimes required and sometimes not. Why? This time the sentence was perfectly translated WITHOUT the definite article. I an sooo frustrated.....almost 1400 days,and these things are still not clear!


Normally generalizations like this use no article in English and the definite article in French. That's why Duo wants "the" dropped. This particular sentence, though, works with and without the definite article in English.

Duo is not good with that kind of nuance.


Why no definite article?


"In American English, it is like this", or "It is like this in American English."

"in many sentences the word order can be written in different ways" or " the word order in many sentences can be written in different ways".

" In Italy, coffee is generally bitter," or, "In Italy, generally, coffee is bitter."

In American English the word in order in many sentences are not as rigid as in French.

"The answer in this exercise should be accepted either way", or "Either way, the answer in this exercise should be accepted."

You see? 7/2/2020


In French, all of these constructions are valid:

  • En Italie, le café est généralement très amer.
  • En Italie, généralement, le café est très amer.
  • En Italie, le café est très amer, généralement.
  • Généralement, en Italie, le café est très amer.
  • Généralement, le café est très amer en Italie.
  • Le café est généralement très amer en Italie.
  • Le café est très amer en Italie, généralement.


We're dealing with a computer scorer that requires human editors to add different word orders. That's very time consuming and expensive.

I think it's a kindness to retain the original word order when possible, to save this free program a little time and money.

Also, you should know that most human language teachers will get a little frustrated when dealing with student's unneeded changes to word orders.


Oops, I mean "...the coffee is VERY bitter, generally", or, I mean "Generally, the coffee is VERY bitter...".

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