"I never throw away the leftovers; I cook them."

Translation:Je ne jette jamais les restes, je les cuisine.

July 2, 2020

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VoilĂ  un vrai chef ! :)


I cook is je cuis. What tense is cuisine?


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To sum up, it turns out that there are three frequently used verbs for cooking in French--which figures!

  1. Cuire (je cuis) emphasizes what is happening to the food being prepared, and for how long. Attention--if you say "Je cuis," without a direct object after it, you are saying, "I am being cooked." If that isn't what you are trying to say, then be sure you add an object (eg, "Je cuis mon steak pendant quinze minutes") or better yet, add faire (Je fais cuire mon steak pendant quinze minutes).

  2. Cuisiner (je cuisine) is a separate verb focusing on the person doing the cooking. It can take a direct object or do without one safely.

"Je cuisine dans la cuisine."

"Je cuisine les restes."

  1. Finally, faire la cuisine refers more to cooking as an activity, pastime, or even a hobby. You can understand it as part of a family with phrases such as "faire les courses," "faire de la rendonnée," "faire du sport," "faire de l'autostop," etc. etc.


je ne jette jamais les restes je les cuis. wasn't accepted

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"je cuis" is not "je cuisine" not the same meaning.... look at SuhailBanister's answer.

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