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"What kind of language is Estonian?"

Translation:Millainen kieli viro on?

July 2, 2020



My estonian friend (i'm finnish) once told me that finnish sounds like drunk estonian. I think the comparison is pretty spot on :D


Works sorta both ways, I guess :D


One of my favourite things is watching really dramatic scenes from movies but dubbed in Finnish. Impossible to keep a straight face.


Why not "Millainen kieli on viro?" This should be acceptable.


It just doesn't sound natural. The verb 'olla/ on' [to be/ is] in that one is pointing to 'kieli' rather than 'viro', so you're saying "language is" rather than "Estonian is". It's almost like trying to make 'viro' an adjective.

Examples of different 'olla' verb usages and placements:

• "Millainen auto Volvo on?" ["What kind of car is Volvo/ Volvo is?] - Answer: "Volvo is..."

• "Millainen auto on turvallinen?" ["What kind of car is safe?"] - Answer: "...is (a) safe (car)"

• "Millainen on turvallinen auto?" / "What is a safe car like?" - Answer: "A safe car is..."

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