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  5. "She is a person."


"She is a person."

My translation of this sentence was: "Elle est une personne." That was marked as wrong. Duolingo said the correct translation sould be: "C'est une personne." I'm confused - why was my translation wrong?

Thanks in advance.

August 16, 2012



Yes - il/elle + noun = c'est. Il/elle + adjective = il/elle est. So, since "she is a person" has a noun (person), you will use c'est une personne. Technically, it's not wrong to use "elle est une personne" but it's basically only used in formal writing, not in conversation.


It isn't. Unfortunately glitches like this one are fairly common in the French section.


@christian: OK, it seems that in spoken French the 'elle est' isn't normally used. I stand corrected! My exposure to French is mainly through written texts, maybe that's why I wasn't aware of this particularity. My apologies to duolinguo! ;-)


Many thanks to you all!

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