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"Korussa on seitsemän timanttia."

Translation:There are seven diamonds in the piece of jewelry.

July 2, 2020



It seems more natural to just say "in the jewelry". "Piece of jewelry" sounds weird to me.


The thing is that "jewelry" is a mass noun while "koru" is countable and singular.


In common usage, in UK english at least, jewellery is perfectly acceptable for a single piece, mass noun or not. I would find, and never use, "piece of..." because it sounds clumsy and unnatural, I would always be specific (eg that ring) or just say "that jewellery".


In English "piece of jewlery" seems unnecessarily specific translation without a context...


How about just "jewel"?


Actually, "piece of jewellery" sounds fine to me. You could even leave out the jewellery and say "in the piece", so long as you were aware of the context. Jewellers / antiques people and the like are forever referring to pieces of jewellery as "pieces" ... it's a linguistic pet hate of mine which ranks up there with the affected pronunciation of "theatre" as "thee-ET-er" (hence me being super-aware of it), but it exists.


How would we know that they’re all on one piece?


The Finnish word is singular for only one piece of jewelry (hence the translation being "a piece of jewelry" and not just "jewelry", which could be confused for a mass noun)


nvm I noticed you answering other people the same thing I just said


'The piece of jewelry has seven diamonds.' should be accepted.


100% translating backwards is making this more difficult than it needs to be


How's that? Translating it backwards leads me to the same result.


Those sentences are, obviously even for native English speakers, difficult to translate. How should I make it as a non native speaker? This course is a bit frustrating, to be honest.


'In the jewellery' is acceptable English and would be more commonly used


That wouldn't indicate that one piece contains seven diamonds (as the Finnish sentence indicates) but could simply mean that the collection contains seven diamonds, so no.


Could it be just "in/on the jewel"?


No, I'd say a "jewel" is like a diamond, "jalokivi"...


'There are seven diamonds in the jewelry piece'

I mean, jewelry piece is a thing.


Is there a more natural way to say it in English than "piece of jewellery"? Sounds like it's broken and in pieces, to me.


Not really. Jewellery is a countable noun and the usual word we use to make it countable is "piece". It doesn't imply that it's broken. You could possibly say "an item of jewellery", but that sounds a bit odd and unecessarily formal for most contexts.


Thanks! I'm not a native speaker so sometimes I get confused ^^


Well, if you Google "piece of jewellery" you get 13,100,000 results ... so I guess it's not uncommon/unnatural?


Maybe it is not. I'm not a native speaker...

[deactivated user]

    The additional "piece of" is entirely derived and is throwing the whole translation. DL needs to be less artistic. They should be translations not interpretations


    The piece of jewelry has seven (7) diamonds. Isn't that a correct translation too?


    How about making “There are seven diamonds in the jewelry” correct with the note that “A more exact translation would be ”There are seven diamonds in the piece of jewelty” “

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