"Bha mi aig an sgoil gu math tràth."

Translation:I was at the school really early.

July 2, 2020

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To me, "good and early" means the same as "really early". I have even heard (Co Derry) a comment that a cut on a person's hand was "good and bad"!


A "good and bad cut" is brilliant use of language! "Good and early" to me would imply "in plenty of time", so if school started at 9, I would be there about twenty to, in time to do some stuff. But "really early" I would use to mean "too early", so maybe the gates weren't open when I got there ...


I was marked wrong for "very early" - ??


I was really early at the school - is that not something you can say in english? (It's not my first language)

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