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  5. "Haluatko mämmiä?"

"Haluatko mämmiä?"

Translation:Do you want some mämmi?

July 2, 2020



Please add in the popup explanation at least some categorical description, like "A desert dish" (I happen to know and like Mämmi, but this comment is relevant for other items as well)


Agreed! For now, entering the terms in Finnish Wikipedia and then clicking English or another language you understand might be a useful tip.


Much agreed, all these native Finnish terms are very confusing without proper explanations. I would honestly much rather learn more generally useful phrases or different verbs that I can use in a variety of situations. The examples in this lesson are very nieche.


For "haluan", I know the colloquial form "haluun". Is it the same with other forms of the verb, like, would I say "Haluutko mämmiä?" in colloquial speech, so the colloquial infinitive form would be "haluua"?

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