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  5. "Hän on kaunis tyttö."

"Hän on kaunis tyttö."

Translation:She is a beautiful girl.

July 2, 2020



Beautiful / pretty are essentially synonyms in english, but maybe not in Finnish?


Of course, because they are not Finnish words. Both "beautiful" and "pretty" as adjectives mean the same thing in Finnish, which is "kaunis", but "pretty" as an adverb translates to "melko" and other words with similar meaning.


Beautiful = kaunis Pretty = nätti (not so beautiful)


Look up "pretty" in any Finnish-English dictionary and you'll find that "kaunis" is one of the possible translations. "Beautiful" and "pretty" are synonyms, just like "kaunis" and "nätti". It's true that "beautiful" is tends to be the stronger word, but dividing them into entirely seperate categories with no overlap is an overgeneralisation when it comes to actual usage.


Kiitos, for your answer.


Yes, if we take slangs into account, there are some adjectives which can be translated as "beautiful", "pretty", etc... altough just "kaunis" fits in all contexts

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