"I will take care of the housework, and you, the children."

Translation:Je m'occuperai du ménage, et toi des enfants.

July 2, 2020

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Totally came here to write a massive message about how my wrong answer should be right...

but it's des enfants for "de les" enfants because on s'occupe de qqch


Thank you. I had the same reaction. I still have trouble understanding it. I guess the "de" just goes with "occuper", and then you add "les enfants", so it becomes "des." But it doesn't mean some children, it means the children.


"des enfants" means "of the children." So basically, you can't shorten the second half in French exactly the way it is done in English. The "of" has to be there, apparently. If someone has a link to an article explaining how to shorten sentences like these, that would be really helpful please.


and if i say je m'occupe les enfants what meaning it'll have? is it something like "i'm giving them a thing to do" i'm making them busy? or is it totally uncorrect?

  • Je m'occupe du ménage => I take care of the housework

  • Tu t'occupe des enfants => You take care of the children


Tu t'occuperas des enfants


Why not "vous, des enfants"?


Toi is singular, enfants is plural


I think when writing about a plural of children, it's "vous" not toi.


not sure why you don't need the verb "faire" "faire du ménage"


I know you can omit the verb in the second part of the English sentence: (you) "will take care" but it seems a bit surprising that you don’t need to repeat the verb in the French one, given that s’occuper has two different subjects?

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