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"Voudrez-vous une goutte de lait dans votre thé ?"

Translation:Will you want a drop of milk in your tea?

July 2, 2020



Will you want...while it might be correct nobody speaks like that. Would you like or do you want.


Wouldn't one use "voudriez" rather than "voudrez" to have the translation be "will you" rather than "do you"? Or is immediacy a factor here temporally?


They have different meanings, e.g.:
Will you want (voudrez) milk in your tea? If so bring some with you.
Would you like (voudriez) milk in your tea?


Of course, thank you. I know this is "bad" English, but they sometimes need to be overly literal to help us remember (or just learn) the differences between the languages when it comes to the tense commonly used in a given situation. Were they to do a course the other way around, I'm sure they'd be putting "voudriez-vous" and getting a lot of complaints that no one says that in France!

This doesn't mean that they shouldn't be informed of the various ways things are said in English, because there are appropriate times for them to know that. Eg different words (especially nouns) used for the same thing in different countries, like "movie theatre" (sorry, "theater"! ;)) and "cinema" as we usually say in the UK. They do accept both, it's just the only example I can thinking of atm lol.

It's just in cases like this that we need to bite down on our indignation. I get as indignant as the next person, I've even ranted on forums and written to DL, but I think I have just been doing this too long now and have learned to (mostly!) try to figure out why they've said something one way when it's atrocious grammar ir vocab choices to me. Doesn't mean I don't let off steam here still, and will undoubtedly continue to do so!


I'm confused. What are you responding to?


I could be wrong, but I don't think this is necessarily a case of using Future tense ("voudrez") where we would expect the Conditional ("voudriez").

I think this might be more like a case of Future tense as Imperative — ie I'm going to give you milk unless you tell me not to.

Although that would possibly be expressed as "Vous voudrez …".


Would you like, not will you like

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