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  5. "Iloinen vauva nauraa."

"Iloinen vauva nauraa."

Translation:The happy baby is laughing.

July 2, 2020



What's the difference between "Iloinen" and "Onnellinen"?


The difference is so subtle that you can use them interchangeably without causing confusion. Onnellinen is more likely to refer to a sense of satisfaction with the overall state of things, while iloinen is more likely to refer to a really good mood. The former is therefore perhaps a little more profound. By the way, there's a book titled "On helpompi olla onnellinen jos on iloinen", meaning "It's easier to be onnellinen when you are iloinen". I guess the point is that taking pleasure in the journey is more important than reaching the goal if you want to live a happy life.


Umm. Then onnellinen is rather like Sp. contento, and iloinen like Sp. feliz.


Could "onnellinen" then be translated as "fulfilled"?


Maybe sometimes, but "fulfilled" is more likely to be translated as "tyytyväinen".


Duolingo explains it.

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