"On s'amuse quand on regarde les vidéos de ce blogueur."

Translation:We have fun when we watch this blogger's videos.

July 2, 2020

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"We are having fun when we watch the videos of this blogger." not accepted. It looks substantially the same as Duo's translation. I'm puzzled.


Had the same marked wrong on 6/26/2021. Since watching videos is a process that takes some time (as opposed to looking at a single photo as someone mentioned previously), I thought this construction was acceptable and perhaps preferrable.


"look at" was marked wrong, however when I checked in my dictionary, it was given as a valid translation for 'regarder' - I've reported it.


Why is the article les rather than des? We aren't watching all of the blogger's videos, are we?


Who speaks like this ?


"We have fun watching the videos from this blogger." Is that a clumsy translation? (English is not my native tongue)


It's not particularly clumsy, but it's probably not the first choice. My first choice would be We enjoy watching this blogger's videos.


Same here, but i knew Duo wanted have fun for s"amuse so I put We have fun watching this blogger's videos, but it was rejected.


This would be correct, but we would more commonly use the possessive "this blogger's videos" or less so "the videos of this blogger". You are right is omitting "when".


"We enjoy ourselves" should be accepted.


we have fun when we look at the videos of this blogger is wrong why?


I'm pretty sure "to look at" is different than "to watch" and you can't really look at a video, but I may be wrong.


And what, pray tell, indicates in any way that this one should be "we" instead of "on" being the generic "you?" Certainly the sentence could mean that any people watching these videos would enjoy them, no?


------- duo has decreed that "on " = "we " , here in duo-land . . .

Big 8 jul 20


It isn't just duo-land. The most common use of on is to mean we. I'm told that on the street, on is used a lot more than nous.


"We are entertained" seems a more appropriate in this context. Reported.


I'm not sure anyone would use the term 'blogger' in English anymore. It's about 10 years out of date


"We have fun watching the videos of this blogger." The when in English implies the fun might not be derived from the blogger's videos, unless that is what Duo means. For example, we might say "we have fun when dad goes to work" implying that the fun is derived from his absence. Watching a video in itself does not necessitate fun would be derived from it. Conversely, saying "we have fun when we play this game" does imply the game provides the fun.


"We are having fun watching this blogger's videos." not accepted. Yet is seems to capture the essence of the sentence's meaning.


look at is perfectly idiomatic


It's a bit strange with a video though. You're usually watching the whole thing, "look at" sounds like you're just glancing at it.


"We are amused..." was rejected. Sometimes I just can't BELIEVE Duolingo, really I can't!


"To be amused/entertained" is a different construction, "to be" + adjective.

Here we want a verb, "to have fun" / "s'amuser".


I agree. I understand it is not possible to have all possible translations, but the english translation: "We are amused..." should be an obvious.


I am so angry that I lose a life on this type of question, when I do not have the opportunity to answer as I do not appear to have sound. Really FED UP


"We're having fun watching this blogger's videos" Now what's wrong??


Wouldn't it be more logical to use "nous" instead of "on" in this sentence?


Why? Nous can always be replaced with on with this meaning of identified persons.


'We enjoy ourselves ...' was marked wrong. Surely a good translation, no? It's the equivalent of 'have fun'.

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