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  5. "You laugh and cry."

"You laugh and cry."

Translation:Te nauratte ja itkette.

July 2, 2020



The pronunciation of "itkette" is missing the last "te".


I have been wondering if it is pronounced or not, because Duolingo doesn't say it but finnish usually pronounces everything so I was confused, thanks


"It's time to laugh, and cry, and laugh, and cry about it all again..."


I have to say this "Family" lesson is teaching a lot of pointless stuff. Where are the words for cousin, sister, brother, uncle, aunt etc?


Is isn't Sinä laulat ja itket, not accepted?


Why isn't Sinä laulat ja itket not acceptef


I just reported itkette for the mispronunciation. (June, 2021) i hope it's resolved soon!


It's so hard to understand when the exercises ask for 'they' in plural or singular.


"They" is always in third person, so neither plural nor singular "they" would be applicable here. Also, this course avoids and doesn't accept the usage of the singular "they" in cases where it would create ambiguity about numerus (which would be most of the time). When it comes to "you", both "sinä" and "te" are supposed to be acceptable Finnish translations unless the linguistic context indicates otherwise. When that isn't the case, it's advisable to click the report button and select "my answer should be accepted" because the people who can actually do something about it are probably not checking every sentence discussion thread.


Oh, yes I meant to say 'you' and not 'they'. Thanks for your reply. :)

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