"How much does this bike cost?"

Translation:Hoeveel kost deze fiets?

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Could someone please explain to me why "deze" is used here and not "dit". Thank you

4 years ago

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Deze is used for de-woorden and all plurals, dit is used for singular het-woorden. Since it's de fiets it's deze fiets.

Similarly that/those translates to die for de-woorden and all plurals and to dat for singular het-woorden.

4 years ago


aha, I wondered if it might be something to do with de and het. Thank you very much!

4 years ago


What is wrong with What does this bike cost

2 years ago

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Usage-wise, asking what the bike costs is seeking the same information as asking how much the bike costs. But "what" is not as faithful a translation of "hoeveel" as "how much."

There are many ways to interpret sentences from one language to another. We also could ask, "What is the sales price of this bicycle?" But to include all possible such interpretations in Duolingo would be unnecessarily onerous, I think.

In my experience, it is better in Duolingo to use the most faithful translation (word-to-word) possible, except where doing so yields an unnatural result.

5 months ago
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