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  5. "Pieni tyttö on usein ujo."

"Pieni tyttö on usein ujo."

Translation:The little girl is often shy.

July 2, 2020



A little girl is often shy. should definitely be accepted (reported 02/07/20).


They might be holding us to the convention of the first object in a sentence being presumed definite [The little girl] --but yes, I'm a bit confused, too.


I would rather use "pikkutyttö" for "little girl", and "pieni tyttö" for "small girl". (Not that the example would be wrong though; just less common.)


I understand how the first object in the sentence is typically implied as definite, [The little girl], and later objects are indefinite, but is there a way to make that first object [A little girl] independent of context and contrary to that first-is-definite convention?

Just curiosity.


Shouldn't: "The little girl is USUALLY shy" be just as right as: "The little girl is OFTEN shy"?


Usually would be yleensä. It has a slightly different meaning.

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