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"– Hello Kaino. How are you? – Hello. Pretty well, thank you."

Translation:– Terve Kaino. Mitä kuuluu? – Terve. Ihan hyvää, kiitos.

July 2, 2020



The hint said 'hyvin'


That's right.when do you use hyvin


Hint includes just one option, and it's the wrong answer. Why would a hint even exist if it contains ONLY the wrong word? ...


If Ihan hyvin is incorrect, the hint shouldn't include it. Also, it would be helpful to know why.


MiteN kuuluu? Ihan hyviN. MiteN menee? Ihan hyviN. Mitä kuuluu? Ihan hyvää.

[deactivated user]

    Almost every translation now, has some form of stretched artistic license. They really need to reel this in otherwise its not going to provide a good experience for learners here,.


    Pretty well = ihan hyvin...?


    Mitä kuuluu? (lit. What is heard?) - (Minulle kuuluu) ihan hyvää, kiitos. (lit. To/at me is heard pretty well, thanks.)

    Miten olet voinut? (How have you been?) - (Olen voinut) ihan hyvin, kiitos. (I have been pretty well, thanks.)


    This cannot be deducted by learners (I got this sentence in a repeat of the first lesson!). This way you keep guessing wich form to use. I understand your explanation, but the second one has not been in the duolingo lessons yet. And sometimes I have come across a correct answer "ihan hyvin" in sentences as well and ofcourse than I had translated it as ihan hyvää....(Nyyh)


    Hello - Terve, Moi, Hei etc. Maybe add those also considering they all mean the same.


    hei and moi should work or how do i see that it might be a rather formal meeting?

    [deactivated user]

      Shouldnt it be Ihan hyvin?


      So I wrong "miten menee? Ihan hyvin kiitos" and it wasn't accepted...


      Reported January 24th, 2021 for not accepting Moi in place Terve


      These questions are driving me nuts. I have to remember what the app wants specifically for each sentence, but not what would make sense.


      Hint still says hyvin


      I got everything right except for using "melko" instead of "ihan"; "melko" is used elsewhere as the equivalent of "pretty" in this sense, so I don't understand why it's wrong. Another mystery . . .


      Some tips were very recently added to Phrases 2 concerning this. They say 'melko' is more positive than 'ihan'. If I understand it correctly, 'melko' leans towards 'very', while 'ihan' leans towards 'fairly' or 'somewhat'.

      The tips also say that Finns prefer more "modest" answers, so 'ihan'.


      It does help to have more of the tips.


      Can I get away with "Halloo" instead of "Terve?" Or is that more like "Hello? Anybody home?"


      Haloo or stretched halloo could be used if there is no cashier to be seen and you really would like to pay already. But it is a bit rude yes.


      It's mega rude, don't say that hahaha


      In Finland, the comma f*cks you.

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