"Il est vegan mais il ne mange pas que de la salade."

Translation:He is vegan, but he doesn't eat only salad.

July 2, 2020

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In my opinion, the more natural translation is "He is vegan but he doesn't just eat salad" and this is accepted.


What type of an English is this


What a classic. I used the boxed words and Duo told me I had a typo because does and n't were separate boxes!!


'Only' is also correct before eat


I've tried to explain that via the flag on a different but similar exercise. If you come across a bad translation, or just one which has a commonly used alternative such as this, it's good to report it. The more people who do, the more likely they'll accept it. They will still write it themselves in this way, but hopefully they'll accept the alternate when we translate into English.


Why, here is 'pas' after que!


Without the "pas" it would mean "He only eats salad". "ne ... que" means "only" "ne ... PAS que" means "not only"


How can I possibly have 'a typo' in my answer when I wasn't given the option 'does not'? Only 'doesn't' was available to me, so that's what I used. I don't mind being corrected when I am wrong, but to be pulled up for something that was out of my control is rather galling. Jennie 269348 I'm with you.


.. he eats not only salad. What's wrong with this translation?


He does not eat only salad.


Il ne mange pas que de la salad means he only eats salad. I think Duo should learn French as well as English. Any comments anybody?


"ne ... que" means "only" while "ne ... PAS que" means "not only"/"doesn't only" so in this case "Il NE mange PAS QUE de la salade" means "He doesn't only eat salad" while "Il NE mange QUE de la salade" would mean "He only eats salad".


It appears as only eats salad to me, but the French know French a lot better than me. Who am I to question.


Yes, I know what you mean and this is why this exercise is so important. We need to get this fine touch with the language with such points. If you want to say that he only eats salad, I guess you would say il mange seulement de la salade.


This translation is bad and wrong. He is vegan and he only eats salad. The use of BUT is wrong.


Your translation is incorrect.

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