"Go Joni!"

Translation:Hyvä Joni!

July 2, 2020



This is wrong! Hyvä means good. "Go" should be mennä. I have tried to see if there were other meanings for hyvä but "go" is not part of them. Anyone knows anything about this?


It's idiomatic. In a situation where a Finn would cheer somebody on by saying "hyvä [the person's name]!", an English speaker would say "go [the person's name]!".


Oh, thanks! It was driving me crazy. Now it makes sense :) Thank you for answering so fast.


Right I believe Menna or Mene would be used if telling someone to go somewhere. Whereas this is a Cheer.


Actually it's either "mene" in singular or "menkää" in plural. "Mennä" is either the negative form of indicative mood present tense passive aspect or the 1st infinitive form.

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