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  5. "It is evening."

"It is evening."

Translation:On ilta.

July 2, 2020



Shouldn't 'se on ilta be correct too?


In Finland we usually don't need to use words like "it is" in sentences like these. In English it'd be wrong to say "Is evening." but in Finnish it sounds wrong then to say "Se on ilta." because se points at an object and there is none.

The same happens when in English you'd say "It is raining.", in Finnish you say just "Sataa vettä." (water = vesi -> vettä) or "Siellä sataa vettä." = "It is raining (out) there."

Edit: Damn, I was again late :D


No. Finnish is a null-subject language, which means that it doesn't use dummy subjects. A situation where I could imagine someone saying "se on ilta" is after someone asked "what is the period of time from the end of the afternoon to the beginning of night?". It therefore refers to concept itself. "On ilta" makes an observation about the current time of day.

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If we open the Pandora's box of considering puhekieli, then I see some people could make an oral statement e.g. se on ilta taas (it's evening again).


Could you please write about this somewhere in the lessons? (or is it there and I have missed it?)


As a mod, my jurisdiction is limited to the forums so I can't make changes to the course. It's still very much a work-in-progress so there's a good chance that this will get covered in one of the tips sections eventually if it isn't yet.


se on should be accepted as Duolingo has insisted on it previously!!


Like most things in translation, it depends on the context.

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