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  5. "Minä osaan ratsastaa."

"Minä osaan ratsastaa."

Translation:I can ride.

July 2, 2020



Hovering my mouse over 'ratsastaa' shows 'to ride' as the translation. Wouldn't 'to ride (an animal)' be better because it's less ambiguous?


The more literal translation would be "I know how to ride".

"Osaan ratsastaa hevosella" - I can/know how to ride a horse


This is too vague, it's technically correct but without context the sentence is meaningless.


Would this apply to a bike or motorcycle?


No, seems the dictionary definition of ratsastaa is "to ride (a horse)". Ajaa, "to drive, ride, travel in a vehicle, transport in a car", is used when on a bike as far as I've learned.


"To ride a bike" has its own verb too. You can say "ajaa pyörällä" (and I guess people sometimes do use "ratsastaa pyörällä" as well), but often the verb "pyöräillä" is used instead.

"ajaa pyörällä" - "pyöräillä"

"ajaa autolla" ~ "autoilla" (from "autoilu") if it's habitual. If you are driving a car, you can say "ajan autoa" or "olen ajamassa" (to be in "ajaminen" (driving)), just like you can say "ajan pyörällä", "pyöräilen" or "olen pyöräilemässä".


So would this verb work in relation to a skateboard?


No. "Skeitata" is the verb for that, e.g. "minä skeittaan".

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