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"Where are the knife and the fork?"

Translation:Missä veitsi ja haarukka ovat?

July 2, 2020



With a relatively free word order, why wouldn't "missä ovat veitsi ja haarukka" work?


It works too, but the knife and fork in question are less definite in that case. The earlier a noun comes in a sentence the more definite it usually is.

"Missä veitsi on?" - Where is THE knife?

"Missä on veitsi?" - Where is A knife?


Exactly my question. Someone to clarify this


"on" and "ovat" were both given as correct answers, but what is the difference?


"Missä ovat veitsi ja haarukka" should surely be acceptable - or at least it should, according to a Finnish friend I asked.


Could someone explain the different scenarios in which one might say "Missä veitsi ja haarukka ovat?" vs "Missä veitsi ja haarukka on?" Would you use "on" if the knife and fork came together in a wrapper or at a table setting and "ovat" if they were just a random fork and knife?


Hmm, not really. You'd need to add something to tie the two together, like the word "set" or "package" etc. in order to use "on".

"Missä veitsi- ja haarukkapakkaus on?"

However, in spoken language you often replace "ovat" with "on", so if you are speaking Finnish, it sounds perfectly normal to say "Missä veitsi ja haarukka on?".


Veitsi has a weird (false) pronunciation here. It sounds like "veiksi". I for one can't hear the "t" at all.


Yup, im hearing the same thing


I would rather use the sentence "Missä ovat veitsi ja haarukka?"


Can I add "ne" in that question?

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