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"A coffee and a pulla, please."

Translation:Kahvi ja pulla, kiitos.

July 2, 2020



Pulla is not a word in english it should be BUN


Pulla is a bun, but not every bun is pulla. I think translating it as "pulla" is as fine as translating "борщ" as "borshch" not "beetroot soup" or "pierogi" as "pierogi" not "dumplings", because not every beetroot soup is borshch, and not all the dumplings are pierogi.


I would have accepted that explanation if a pulla were just one specific bun, but the term includes many kinds of sweet buns, so that using it as an English loan isn't really optimal.


But I believe whether it is a loaf or a bun the dough/flavor is the similar and includes cardemom. It may have almonds or raisins, etc. But the base is the same


In my Finnish American family we do actually use pulla as an english word. Pulla is kind of a specific pastry and not just any bun.


Yup, I have heard it being used like that. Plus "pulla" can also work as a mass noun, so it's not always just one single bun.


We yse pulla in Sudbury Ontario too. Nobody would call it a bun


Can't I say "Kahvi ja pulla, ole hyvä"?


Whats the difference berween a kahviko and kahvi , it failed me when i tried to write kahviko


Kahviko is a question word. It is formed from kahvi and the interrogative suffix -ko. Therefore it doesn't fit into this sentence.

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