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  5. "Roosa, tori on täällä."

"Roosa, tori on täällä."

Translation:Roosa, the market square is here.

July 2, 2020



Would it not also be correct to just say market?


Yes, "tori" also means just market.

[deactivated user]

    Yes tori is market kauppatori is market Square. More fixes needed yet

    [deactivated user]

      I understood tori just means square. The answer was counted valid. So, is tori one of the words with more synonyms?


      Tori means market. I've never heard it used as market square or just square.


      I also answered just "square" under the influence of the Swedish "torg" and it was deemed oikea. I'm not going to contradict you, of course you would know if Finnish is your language, though "town square" is one of the meanings provided when you look up "tori" in a dictionary. Maybe it's just fallen out of use? What do you call instead a public square?


      If you hover over täällä, it says "this place" as a possible translation. "Roosa, the square is this place" is marked as incorrect. I reported it to be checked.


      It is incorrect. That would be tori on tämä paikka.

      The hints can also give translations which are valid for some other context, not the one in question.


      Thanks for the response!

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