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  5. "Onko kaupunki kylmä?"

"Onko kaupunki kylmä?"

Translation:Is the city cold?

July 2, 2020



I suppose, there should not be so much attention on article's use. For a lot of people, who learn Finnish, English is a foreign language as well. Why then say that "Is a city cold?" is a mistake?


I was thinking about it too and well, you learn English through using it to learn Finnish, too. That's how there's a point to use proper English even in Finnish course. It would feel weird to introduce incorrect sentences in languge app, even in English. "Is a city cold?" does sound strange, even a little poetic to my non-native ear.


Yes, native english speakers have an advantage. However, by learning other languages I learn in passing a lot of english. :-)


I knew. I don't speak english everyday so I don't know where to put what article

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