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How many words are in the Latin course?

I was thinking about how many words I have learned and will learn, so I was wondering how many words in total are in the Latin course.

Also, thanks to all the contributers for the Latin course! you guys are great! Thank for all your hard work!


July 2, 2020



537 words for plus users, 536 for regular. plus users always get one additional word.


What a difference! :)


Thank you so much!!! Have a great week! :)


Quid est? Do you know? Do we really have to pay to learn it? ;)

Oh, and before I read your answer I was thinking it was probably around 500-600. I'm usually horrible at estimating anything, and I'm really surprised I was right about that!

[deactivated user]

    Where did you come up with that?


    I somehow have 1049 words in latin course


    you're using Android, probably.


    I have over 900 listed, but they are not truly different words as the list includes different verb, noun and adjective forms. At the top it says 538 lexemes, but, apparently, these aren’t the same as words.

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