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  5. "This rice is pretty salty."

"This rice is pretty salty."

Translation:Tämä riisi on melko suolaista.

July 2, 2020



Tämä riisi on ihan suolaista, should be correct please amend it


That's more like "this rice is totally salty". It goes beyond "pretty".

[deactivated user]

    I sometimes see "aika" to express something like "melko". Are the two synonyms? Or is there a difference in their usage?


    Yes to the first question, but "aika" can also be a noun that means "time".


    Funny how words can be so different in different contexts. You say that IHAN can express "totally" in F. Selcuk example and myself, as half Finn, I used to express wrongly "very good" as "ihan hyvä" instead of "tosi hyvä", when finally my daughter corrected me saying that IHAN meant in my case "pretty" or "quite".

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