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"I think the one from the other store is better."

Translation:Je trouve que celle de l'autre magasin est mieux.

July 2, 2020



This looks wrong. Shouldn't it be "que celle de l'autre magasin est meilleur" ? According to https://francais.lingolia.com/fr/vocabulaire/mots-confondus/autres/mieux-meilleur, Mieux peut être employé comme adjectif avec le verbe être pour exprimer un jugement moral ou intellectuel.


I don't know answer but I typed je trouve que celui de l'autre magasin est meilleur and that's also correct.


I believe you’re correct. I struggle with this myself in regular use but “mieux” is an adverb (so modifies a verb) and “meilleur” is an adjective (so it modifies a noun). In this example, what is being modified is “the one from the other store” so it’s a noun? Can somebody more grammatically knowledgeable please advise?


Both are accepted - your error is that with « celle » you need to use « meilleure » ! :)


I wrote "Je pense que celui de l'autre magasin est mieux--not accepted. Why should it be "celle" when magasin is masculine. I think DUO screwed up this one (encore!).


That is accepted now but note that « celle / celui » has nothing to do with « magasin » - "the one" refers to whatever item is in the other store so it could be either feminine e.g. « une chemise » or masculine e.g. « un pull » ! :)


I think something in the "hint" would be helpful. (The hints that are given in general are pretty useless).


"better" is an adjective describing "the one", so it must be translated as "meilleur(e)". Mieux is an adverb, ain't it???

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