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  5. "Is the baby standing?"

"Is the baby standing?"

Translation:Seisooko vauva?

July 2, 2020



What about 'onko vauva seiso?


No, that's not proper Finnish. However, you can use "onko" but the sentence becomes then a bit more challenging to form since you need to know about grammatical cases and such. You can say e.g. "Onko vauva seisaallaan?"


My understanding is that the verb "to stand" needs to be changed in some way to reflect a question.


The words shouldn't be capitalized since they give away the answers.


I tried "Vauvako seisoo?" which was rejected, but should have been accepted (Sept 2020)


This seems similar, but I'd say it actually has a bit different meaning in Finnish. It does matter which word you attach the "ko" to - it makes that word into a question. So if you add the "ko" at the end of "vauva", the sentence is more about who is standing (the baby is??) and expressed some surprise and disbelief that the baby really is standing, rather than wondering what the baby is doing.


What about "vauva seisooko"?


You need to begin any question with a question word :)

(the -ko/kö always makes a word into a sort of a question word!)


Thank you! I've had this doubt for forever!!

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