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  5. "Tuo sauna on hyvä."

"Tuo sauna on hyvä."

Translation:That sauna is good.

July 2, 2020


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I heard once, one American lady was visiting in Finland. She wondered why in Finland the door of the sauna always reads "SAUNA - BAD". "I think sauna is good", says she.


Haha :D To anyone wondering: She most likely was to a public swimming pool or so and Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. And especially the bigger cities often have texts in both languages and some smaller cities, e.g. tourist cities, have also more languages to them. "Bad" is Swedish and I think it means the shower rooms whatsoever, in Finnish we usually say "saunatilat", sauna area(s)/rooms instead.


As a swede who knows that BAD means bath this was funny. Thank you!


Why tuo not tämä


Maybe because the speaker is pointing at a sauna that is so far away that it cannot be seen. In this case, you would use Tuo. As far as I know, you would use Tämä, if the Sauna was close enough so that it could be physically pointed at. This would be my guess, based upon the information from the Tips section of this skill.


The demonstrative pronouns:

  • tämä = this
  • tuo = that
  • se = it (and sometimes it can also be used for 'this' and 'that' as well, depending on the context.)
  • (And the plurals are: nämä, nuo, ne.)

'Tuo' can be used about things that are visible, they just are not that close. With 'tämä' it can be almost next to you or so close you can touch it already. 'Se' has more uses than these two but this I'd use also if I don't see it, e.g. "Missä se sauna on?" = "Where is the sauna?" Note that 'se' can also be used for the same purpose as 'the' in English, for putting emphasiz on the noun since we lack any articles for expressing a definite noun.


Okay. Maybe I should read these tips too. Never done that :D


Haha interesting, thanks for sharing

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