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"Léa est devenue une reporter internationale."

Translation:Léa became an international reporter.

July 2, 2020



Is there a reason why "une" is used here? Does having an adjective indicate you need it, or it being past tense, or the combination? Pretty sure this is my first time seeing an occupation with an article—any help would be appreciated!


No, you don't need the article, but I would say that the presence of the adjective makes it acceptable.


Interesting — merci beaucoup!


"In French, you always need an article in front of a group including an adjective, and that rule applies to professions:... "Maurice est un professeur excellent." https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/dont-use-indefinite-articles-with-professions


Not when the whole group is the profession's name: "il est ingénieur agronome" ; 'tu es professeur assistant" ; "elle est physicienne nucléaire" etc. You cannot have an article in any of these cases. "Reporter internationale" can be a profession in itself, "professeur excellent" can't.


I just stumbled on a Duolingo exercise that appears to align with your explanation; and thus has no article: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40033718


Do you pronounce the last "r" in "reporter" here? It's pronounced in the audio for the whole sentence, but not in the audio when you click on the individual word...


Why are they using "reporter" all of a sudden? What happened to "journaliste"?


The normal English for this role would be "foreign correspondent," but I guess Duo always wants the cognate.

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