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"Minulla on viikko aikaa siivota tämä asunto."

Translation:I have a week to clean this apartment.

July 2, 2020



A week should also be acceptable


I would have expected partitive i.e. "siivota tätä asuntoa" here.


The partitive is not used here because tämä asunto is a total object expressing a resultative action—that is, the action of cleaning the apartment really needs to be complete within a week. The partitive, on the other hand, is used with irresultative actions—that is, when the action is of indefinite length and when there is no requirement or even any guarantee that it ever be completed or produce any results, which is not the case here.

Expression of resultative action requires the nominative case, genitive case, or accusative case, depending on various rules concerning what type of nominal the total object is. Since tämä asunto is a singular noun acting as the object of an infinitive phrase, in this instance containing the infinitive siivota, the rule has it that nominative singular be used.

At the risk of wandering deep into the weeds: Other rules apply for pronouns (accusative case is used), numerals (nominative singular is used), and plural nouns (nominative plural is used). In yet another rule, the genitive case is used for most singular nouns as total objects, but with various exceptions requiring the nominative singular instead, including the singular object of an infinitive phrase (applied in our example here), objects of 1st- and 2nd-person imperative verbs, passive verbs, and obligatory verbs (for example, "must").


can't wait to keep making this mistake over and over again :D

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