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"Miksi ranska on kaunis kieli?"

Translation:Why is French a beautiful language?

July 2, 2020



Why not 'Why French is a beautiful language?'

[deactivated user]

    In English, that would be a statement rather than a question. Like that's what you might title a list of reasons why you find French beautiful. But if you were asking someone you'd always use "why is"


    Is there a difference between kaunis and komea?


    Komea = handsome; kaunis = beautiful.

    So they are used a lot like the English ones as well, komea usually about men and some other things; and beautiful about women and about almost anything else, nowdays people have also started to use that about certain looking men as well. For the other things about "komea", you can say that about a very majestic looking landscape, for example.


    See for yourself. You're in the right place.


    I'm french. I don’t find that language beautiful.

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