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  5. "yksi kilo kanaa"

"yksi kilo kanaa"

Translation:one kilogram of chicken

July 2, 2020



Kilo should also be accepted as an answer in English


You can technically omit the word 'yksi' in this case since it's only one kg of chicken and you can just say 'kilo kanaa'


Yes, you can also replace "one" with "a" in English. There is a difference though. Saying yksi and one emphasises the number.

yksi kilo kanaa = one kilo of chicken
kilo kanaa = a kilo of chicken


I thought the extra "a" at the end of "kana" indicated an undefined quantity? But doesn't the "yksi" define the quantity enough to be able to use "kana", as in:

"Yksi kilo kana"



If I understand it right, a uncountable noun that follows a measure of quantity ("kilogram", "liter", a "bottle of" ...) takes the partitive case.


So does that mean that you would keep the "a" if there is something defining the amount or not?


Yes, I eat three chickens = syön kolme kanaa I eat chicken= syön kanaa I eat one chicken= syön kanan (one whole chicken, not just one part of it)


This confused me as well. I thought items after the word one (yksi) were nominative, not partitive.


Probably it's because of the kilo measurement, and not "yksi" by it self


Yes, after yksi the kilo is nominative, but what it's a kilo of is partitive.

Yksi kana

Yksi kilo kanaa

Kaksi kanaa

Kaksi kiloa kanaa


Yksi kilo is one kilo. Yksi kilogramma is one kilogram

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