"C'est l'opportunité du siècle, offrez-la-moi !"

Translation:This is the opportunity of the century; give it to me!

July 2, 2020

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How is it possible to pronounce this sentence six, seven, eight times in succession - normal pace , slow, loud, staccato - and be judged wrong by Duo when it accepts 99% of my other sentences?


Can someone explain why this order of words in "offrez-la-moi"?


The verb is in imperative, which means the pronouns go after the verb. The order is as follows:

1) verb in imperative

2) le/la/les

3) moi/toi/lui/nous/vous/leur

4) y/en

There are two caveats:

First, moi and toi change to me and te if they are not the last pronoun in the sequence. So it's Donne-le-moi but donne-m'en.

If the sentence is negated, the pronoun order and location change.

Here's the link I borrowed all this info from: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/double-pronoun-order/


Why can't it be It's the chance of the century. Duo gave me wrong giving it as "this".


How is it possible to repeat this sentence six, seven, eight times - fast, slow, loud, staccato - and get it wrong every time? It accepts 99% of all the other statements I read back.


Larry, I wondered exactly the same. Then I asked google translate (yes I am a low sort of person) to say 'opportunité' and thought I heard an initial long 'o' rather than our English short 'o'. It worked.


What's wrong with 'It's' instead of 'This is'. Both would be used interchangeably in English.

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