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"Je ne bois jamais de ton café, il est trop amer."

Translation:I never drink your coffee; it's too bitter.

July 2, 2020



Can't I just say "je ne bois jamais ton café, il est trop amer"? What is the function of "de"?


I have the same question. Can someone please explain why "de" needs to be in this sentence?


Just to venture a guess as a learner: "je ne bois jamais ton café" indicates that you are not drinking the very cup of coffee that had been made specifically for the addressee to drink, whereas "je ne bois jamais de ton café" indicates that the addressee made a quantity of coffee for various people to drink, but of (hence the "de") this quantity the speaker never drinks anything, because it is allegedly too bitter.


so should it be "I have never drunk your coffee,..." in case of the "de" scenario?


shouldn't it be "I never drink from your coffee it is too bitter", given "de" after jamais


On my mobile, 'toncafe' is displayed as one word - took me a while to work out it's not a special kind of drink!


Why not "c'est trop amer"?


Generally, when you are referring to a particular thing, rather than something impersonal, you say "il/elle est". But the rules are a bit, um, fluid.

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