Translation:We are crying.

July 3, 2020



I was surprised to hear the first /e/ sounds almost like a dipthong (/'it-kiem-me/). On Google Translate, it sounded the same. But on Forvo (male voice), it sounded more like I had expected (/'it'kem-me/). I suspect Duolingo's TTS is a bit misleading, right? https://forvo.com/search/itkemme/


As a native speaker, I don't hear a diphthong in duolingo's pronunciation. Sounds fine to me.


Thanks for the feedback. It's a pity the sentence discussions don't have a link to the audio file as the older courses do. I'd love to be able to review it now.


There is a link for me. The word is blue, indicating that it's a link, and once I click on it, it takes me to a page where the audio can be played.


Thanks so much! I didn't know that one, Duo must be changing things.

There used to be a little speaker icon on the SD's so we could hear the audio. You can sometimes even find them here in the Finnish course.


I know to form a question you have to add ko the verb, (are,is,etc..) but what if theres another verb like Laulaa? Would it be "Ovatko Laulavat" or Laulavatko?


It's "Laulavatko he?"

'Laulavatko' needs the word 'he', it cant be without it. 1st (minä, me) and 2nd (sinä, te) persons can be omitted.


Why "we cry" is not correct???


It should be. Please report it :)


it is accepted now

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