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"Kenellä on lisää ruokaa? Sillä on nälkä."

Translation:Who has more food? It is hungry.

July 3, 2020



Why Kenellä but not Kuka? Since both means "Who"?


Kuka on = Who is

Kenellä on = Who has


Both translate to the same English word because English doesn't have adessive case. Or any cases for that matter. "Kuka" has to be inflected to its adessive form "kenellä" because adessive case is needed to express possession, among other things.


Ja, both Kuka and Kenellä are the same word in Finnish, just conjugated differently.


So says my family whenever they see me.


Isn't this an odd sentence? Is it clear what is going on here?


What exactly is confusing about this?


I understand the meaning, I think, but it's just an odd situation. A group of people, I imagine, are looking at an animal to whom they have given some food. The speaker sees that it is still hungry and asks the group if anyone has any more food to give it. The scenario leaves much to the imagination, but it would be clearer if the subject of the second sentence were a noun such as "koira" or "hamsteri." [But the adessive case with nouns has not been introduced, so that would not work, I suppose.]


"Who has extra food?" (i.e. who has food to spare?) seems a more natural way to say it.


Ah, if that's what the sentence means, it makes more sense. I see now that "more" is the sticking point for me. But I would have preferred "Me olemme pulassa. Sillä on nälkä."


We are just trying to keep the velociraptor happy...


It confused me. At first I thought that the "who" in the question referred to the "it" in the answer (i.e. that the question meant "which of these is having more food" and that the observation was that it is doing so because it is hungry) and was puzzled by the clash of who/it. I think the confusion is actually because "it" is referred to by a pronoun, without establishing what "it" is.


I feel it could xome from a sci fi movie, sajd in fear of the alien creature eating them next


Or someone feeding some ducks :)


Jurrassic park??


He ovat pulassa.


Didn't accept "some more food". Reported.


I really need a "still" in this sentence, else the "more" is a bit odd.

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