"She was happy only with her."

Translation:Elle n'était heureuse qu'avec elle.

July 3, 2020

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Several questions earlier the answer was, "... qu'heureuse avec ...", which is now marked incorrect.


The position of qu' was slightly different: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40115224/She-was-only-happy-with-her

"Elle n'était qu'heureuse avec elle. → She was only happy with her.

Elle n'était heureuse qu'avec elle. → She was happy only with her."


Except the two English sentences have identical meanings: she was happy with nobody else.

It's scummy enough to give us pairs of sentences with only nuanced differences. It's absolutely despicable when the two sentences have the same meaning and are yet marked differently.


I am so FED UP with this:- qu'heurese avec elle is wrong and duo gives heurese qu'avec elle. So i write that and it's wrong!!! ARGH Sort it out duo. This is infuriating.


It's the difference between "she was only happy (when she was) with her", implying unhappy whenever the 2nd woman wasn't around and "she was happy only with her" (and with no one else). In french the position of the que clarifies the difference between these two meanings, similar to where the "only" is in english


Many comments have explained the placement of que, including a good one from SeanFogart above.


Absolutely ridiculous !


Elle était contente avec elle seulement. Accepted :)


This is good! It helps you to stay you alert when you might become a little over-confident.


It will not accept either "qu'heureuse" or "qu'avec" but tells me its the other each time. Merde!


I feel your pain! Have a couple of lingots on me!


This would be less confusing with at least one name.

[deactivated user]

    "Elle n'etait qu'heureuse qu'avec elle" was offered as a correct solution before. But marked incorrect here. Why?


    They changed the English sentence, so the French translation changes too.


    Only accepted answer with Elle as the last word!

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