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"A coffee?"


July 3, 2020



"A coffee?" is more often "Kahvi?" than "Kahviko?" Duo does not seem to understand the difference.


It depends on the context.


Yes, it does.


Can you give some examples? I'd love to learn

  • "Mitä saisi olla? (Kuppi) kahvia?" = "What would you like to have? (A cup of) coffee?
  • "Mitä saisi olla? Kahvi?" = "What would you like to have? A cup of coffee?
  • "Mikä auttaisi heräämään aamulla? Kahviko?" = "What would help with waking up in the morning? Coffee?"


Yes. "Kahvi" in nominative case translates to "a coffee" or "a cup of coffee" because as a liquid substance it is supposed to be a mass noun, and hence would require partitive case unless there is an implied countable noun paired with it, such as "kuppi". That's why the partitive case "kahvia" is semantically more like "some coffee" or just "coffee" without any determiner.


Thank you, that makes sense. If you think about it, asking "coffee?" or really any "[noun]?" always implies some unsaid context. So "kahviko?" is more in the sense of "is it a coffee?", while "kahvi?" would be rather "would you like a coffee?", right?

[deactivated user]

    Kahvi? Is entirely correct. Kahviko is not how to ask someone if they want a coffe


    I personally would ask "Kahvia?" It has the meaning of "would you like a coffee?" which is "Otatteko kahvia?" (literally "Will you take coffee?")

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