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  5. "Ponit sanovat ihahaa."

"Ponit sanovat ihahaa."

Translation:Ponies say neigh.

July 3, 2020



why ponies don't neigh, but only say neigh ?


Same problem as with the owls "saying" hoot ... owls hoot; ponies neigh. In this instance, though, ponies CAN be said to "say neigh" but probably only in the context of teaching very young children the word (the pigs say oink, the hens say cluck, the ponies say neigh). Normally, however, it would be "ponies neigh", so this ought to be an option if it isn't already.


However this Finnish sentence is exactly in the context of speaking to a child, "ihahaa" is just a childlike expression to describe the sound ponies make. If you wanted to say "Ponies neigh" using "neigh" as a verb you would say "Ponit hirnuvat" in Finnish.


'say' is redundant in the English translation.


Why not "the ponies"? I was marked wrong for this. How do you tell if it's "the ponies" or just "ponies"?


Hi BethK. We agree that 'the' should be an acceptable translation, but apparently for Finns this is always? a general statement not referring to specific ponies. Or alternatively DL has not yet gotten around accepting it.

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