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"Kanadalainen insinööri korjaa taloa."

Translation:The Canadian engineer is fixing a house.

July 3, 2020



How would the word-order here differ to express 'a Canadian engineer is fixing the house'? Or should that be an accepted answer?


Either article is fine.


Should be accepted. It really should be "the" for both, the house, and the engineer truthfully...


"The house" would be more appropriate grammatically from English language perspective. The fact that he (this particular engineer) is fixing something right now, implies that he is fixing this particular house, and not some random house.


It's up to the context, really; e.g. he's current job is fixing a house, not a car. But as we don't have a context, both articles are equally fine.


The Canadian engineer fixes the house - incorrect! Reported


"The Canadian engineer fixes the house" is acceptable there. I can think of almost no instance where the present tense cannot be substituted for the present progressive. Yet, Duolingo has a weird obsession with the present progressive because it's more common. Fix your translations.


You might have been flagged for using “the house” instead of “a house” too. That is a common one here too.


I think only the present progressive is accepted to stress the nature of the partitive. The engineer is currently in this very moment fixing the house because that is what the partitive implies. I think I've also read (not sure if it's just a mnemonic though) that the partitive is used when the engineer is fixing the house is this very moment because we can't know if he will ever finish or whether he will only have fixed a part of the house in the end.


Fixes and repairs, ie, simple present, would only be correct with talon as the object. Taloa, in partitive, means that the action of the verb is in progress now, not completed, or a regular event, or happening at a future time.


I don't know why "fixes" is unacceptable here.


I have been marked wrong for saying "The Canadian engineer repairs the house". Surely fixing and repairing are the same here


'Kanadalainen insinööri korjaa talon' could be used for "The Canadian engineer repairs the house". But 'Kanadalainen insinööri korjaa taloa' needs the continuous aspect, "is repairing" or "is fixing".

Korjaa isn't a partitive verb, the sentence isn't negative, and talo isn't an uncountable noun. So the only reason for talo to be partitive here is if the sentence is expressing an ongoing action.


I think both articles should be accepted; they just have a little different meaning, which in Finnish is not clear. "fixes the house" would in my mind translate "korjaa talon."


The canadian engineer repairs a house ... What is wrong with this???


Fixing and fixing up in English are literally the same thing


is this a Holmes On Homes reference?


Fixing and repairing the house have the same meaning.

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