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  5. "Tyyne on todella mukava."

"Tyyne on todella mukava."

Translation:Tyyne is really nice.

July 3, 2020



When you mess up the name T_T


Can "todella" be used in the sense of a surprise question (i.e. "Really?" = "Seriously?"). Or is it just kind of a synonym to "very"? Can a native speaker provide examples of possible use? Thanks!


If you add '-ko' at the end, turning it into a question, then it could be used as such. "Todellako?" [Really? / Seriously?]


No, there are other expressions for that. Some of them are:

  • "Oikeasti?", or more commonly in spoken Finnish "oikeesti?" = "really?"
  • "Ihanko tosi?" = "is that so?" or "is that a fact?"
  • "Oletko (sinä) tosissasi?", or more commonly in spoken Finnish "ootko (sä) tosissas?" = "are you serious?"
  • "Älä viitsi!" or "ei voi olla totta!" = "No way!"


But you can also say "Todellako?" = "For real?"

"Todella" is delivered from the word "tosi" which means "real" (and so on), -ko makes it into a question and slightly changes its meaning from the adverb.


It reminds me of Japanese とても / totemo, which means "very"

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