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"Woensdag graag, niet dinsdag!"

Translation:Wednesday please, not Tuesday!

August 5, 2014



What is wrong with these:

"Wednesday, gladly, not Tuesday" "Wednesday, with pleasure, not Tuesday"

I went with the assumption that they're like the German "gern" (which I might misunderstand as well) and I'm curious if they're just wrong, or if there is something here.


I agree. 'graag' should be allowed to be translated as 'gladly' or 'with pleasure'. I reported the problem.

[deactivated user]

    It is accepted as "with pleasure" (graag)


    WITH PLEASURE should be accepted since it is one of the possible translation that one sees when overing over the Dutch word!


    And what about Wednesday yes, not Tuesday?


    Gladly still isn't accepted like it should be


    Can 'alsjeblieft' be used instead of 'graag'?


    That is correct as well.


    Do days of the week need capital letters like in English?


    What about other stuff like demonyms, names of languages, months, etc? In Spanish we don't use capital letters for any of those so I'm curious :)


    Demonyms and names of languages do need capital letters, months do not.


    since when is graag please? it's been learned that alstublieft/alsjeblieft is the entire course so far. this is a tad confusing.


    Since now ;) You use it like 'Wil u een bier?' 'Ja, graag.' Where the answer is 'yes, please'. Much easier to roll off the tongue than alsjeblieft!


    How would i say " i like Wednesday not tuesday?" Thanks


    I really thought it translated to "Wednesday doesn't like Tuesday." Haha!


    Is "please" not Altublieft ??? why graag?? Woensdag altublieft, niet Dinsdag.


    Please has several meanings in Dutch, including graag and alstublieft. In this sentence both would work, but note it is alstublieft or alsjeblieft, not altublieft like you were writing. It’s short for “Als het u belieft”, “if it pleases you (too)”


    In French, graag would mean volontiers


    I'm seeing graag being used in so many ways, it's hard to see a common thread between all of them. I believe graag in conjunction with a verb meant that you enjoy doing something, willen graag is auxiliary form meaning "would like", and now is it correct to assume that graag in conjunction with a noun means that you are requesting that noun? I just don't see how these are all related.


    Woensdag graag is just short for “ik zou het graag op woensdag willen doen”, so here the connection is that it’s a shorter sentence but uses the same meaning.

    The English translation is also short for “I would like to do it on wednesday please”


    I did not understand the Dutch there but it did help me understand graag better ^_^; thank you

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